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Indian Auction Software for the modern auctioneer

Looking for a software solution for online auctions that will make them more accessible to India and other countries? Look no further since our auction platform is loaded with numerous features to help you give your users a polished and engaging online auction.

Our platform is engineered to facilitate seamless viewing and bidding at auctions across laptops, cell phones, tablets, and PCs, eliminating the need for app downloads. Utilizing cutting-edge responsive online and cloud-based technology, it stands as one of the first of its kind to move away from app-based bidding, significantly reducing barriers to online bidding.

A feature rich and easy-to-use platform.

Our platform was developed with the aim of offering independent auctioneers and their bidders a functional and user-friendly platform, simplifying the process of online bidding.

Choose from simulcast auctions, timed auctions and sealed bid auctions. Our ‘buy now’ and online marketplace tools are also selling options available within the system.

Our software is filled with smart functionality including categories and filters, bidding extension, automatic pre-bidding and maximum bidding and more. All items have space for pictures, descriptions, attached documents and related items, to create a coordinated and logical viewing of online items.

Bidding takes place entirely off your own website, and the platform is stylised in your business’s colours and logos to promote your brand across the platform. Set-up is quick, and there are no installation costs, meaning that you could be up and running with your first auction in no time.

New Features!

Payment gateway options:  (Stripe, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal) 

AI chatbot: 24/7 Admin Support

Auction API : Our integrated suite enhances efficiency, reduces administrative workload, and ensures scalability by automating processes seamlessly across systems.

Lot videos: Specific lot videos of your featured content. 

Marketing Materials (images, GIFS, Videos).  Use for EDM, website and social media marketing. 

Invoicing Options: 

Use in system invoicing 

Export CSV for external invoicing

XERO invoicing compatibility module.

Dozens of options for creating a great online sale.

Our system gives administrators complete access to a number of features that make managing auctions incredibly simple, opening up a world of opportunities.

The ability to manage every facet of their online sales from a single system gives auctioneers the option to integrate invoicing, sales administration, and bidder management.

Hindi language translations and currency conversions into any foreign currency are readily available for international bidders.

What more could one ask for?

The Newest Webtron 8.0AI is here

There has never been a better time to upgrade to Webtron’s 8.0AI newest artificial intelligence online auction software release. 

Take advantage of a white label auction solution that runs from your own website.  It has been designed for Indian auctioneers like you to take your online auction business to another level.

It’s ’Simple for bidders and powerful for auctioneers’.

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What is Indian auction software?

Indian auction software is a tool that facilitates online auctions for various types of products or services. The software enables bidding, listing, and management of items to be sold in the auction.

What are the features of Indian auction software?

Indian auction software typically provides a range of features tailored to meet the needs of users, including online bidding capabilities, real-time bid tracking, automatic notifications, and customisable auction pages.

What types of auctions can be conducted using Indian auction software?

Indian auction software allows for both Timed and Webcast auctions.

Is Indian auction software easy to use?

Yes, Indian auction software is designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive interfaces and easy-to-use features.

What are the benefits of using Indian auction software?

Using Indian auction software can streamline the auction process, increase transparency, and reach a wider audience. It can also help to increase the profitability of your business by reducing operational costs and maximising revenue.

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